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Features at a Glance

Price Range:

15 + 1 Rinse Zone


Advanced Greywater Filtration

Ozone & UV Treatment (optional)

Self-Cleaning Primary Filter

Reuse in Drip Irrigation

Scheduled Watering Times

Built-in Greywater Containment

Built-in Irrigation Pump

Maximum Irrigation Zones

Included Secondary Filters

Advanced Zone Control

Automatic, Weather Based Irrigation Adjustments

Automatic Weather Based Greywater Diversion

Smartphone Control & Reporting

Built-in Smart Auto-Fill

*See Note Below

$3,700 - $11,320


$17,869 - $23,246




* 1 single zone immediate release.
   (GL & GXL series option available: 15 + 1 rinse zone)

Septic Bypass Applications

Diverting greywater to a leach field or irrigation system can greatly reduce the burden placed on a residential or commercial septic system. Flotender effectively removes all debris prior to discharge and extends the septic system's maintenance intervals.

The Flotender greywater irrigation system features an instant release greywater processor which is automatically activated shortly after receiving inflowing greywater. The GL and GXL series models are also available with optional multi-zone programming for landscapes needing greywater and / or non-greywater zone scheduling.



The GreyLink greywater irrigation system provides remote smartphone and PC programming for greywater and non-greywater irrigation zones as well as greywater processor monitoring, flow reporting and automatic inflow diversion to the sewer during rainfall.

 Greywater Irrigation Systems

Custom Systems


Custom Systems


Is your project a little outside of the box? Flotender Systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements of your project.

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