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Septic Tank Backup

Sewage odors, wet areas on the property, slow fixture drains, gurgling drain noises, or plumbing fixtures which backup or overflow back into the building may be the first signs of trouble.

If the liquid effluent cannot soak into the soil surrounding the leach field, sewage may back up into the system and overflow into the house or puddle on the surface of the ground. There are several possible causes for this problem.

1. Poor Soil Conditions and Septic System Failures; Faulty Design or Installation of Septic Systems

2. Soil Clogging and Septic System Failures

3. High Water Table and Septic System Failures

4. Roots and Clogging of Septic System Failures

5. Physical Damage to Septic System Components Causing Septic Failures

Septic tanks are installed to allow solids to settle out of sewage and hold these solids in the tank. Over the years of operating, accumulated solids begin taking up too much room in the tank, reducing the volume available for settling. When this happens, solids start escaping the tank and can clog the soil in the soil absorption field. Before this happens, the septic tank should be pumped to remove the solids.

Do not wait for the system to back-up before you pump your septic tank. Backs-ups can be caused by clogging of the soil from sewage solids carried out of an unmaintained septic tank. Once the sewage backs-up, the damage is already done.
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