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Septic System Maintenance

Q: Is it true that a maintenance agreement is required on my aerobic system?
A: Yes, it’s true. There’s actually a notarized affidavit on file with your County property records declaring that a maintenance agreement will be in force on your property at all times.

Q: Why? What’s the maintenance agreement require?
A: The filed affidavit was required to get a permit for the type of system you have, and therefore to continue to occupy your home. Your property is required, therefore, to have regular inspections and testing performed and reported to your Agency at least three times per year.

Q: Okay, so that’s all the legal-ese. What’s in it for me?
A: It depends on your service provider. If your service provider only does a “walk over” inspection, or worse, just a pencil-whipped report without ever coming to your site, you really aren’t getting much value for your money. Worse, repairs on your system will be more frequent and expensive because your system isn’t getting the regular service it so desperately needs.

Q: My aerobic system “needs” service?
A: Yes, it needs regular upkeep and service to perform properly, and without proper service, it will malfunction. Filters must be cleaned, fields flushed, lamps changed, and chlorine added.

Q: So, what if my system malfunctions?
A: Simply said, sewage will end up in your lawn. This places the health of your children, your pets, your neighbors, and the value of your property, at risk. It’s not pretty, and not cheap to fix.

Q: Does S.O.S. offer basic compliance services?
A: We have basic service at $29/month for residential that exceeds the minimum State and Travis County requirements along with basic preventative maintenance of filter cleanings, flushings, and those other unpleasant tasks.

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