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Chlorine Tablets 45lb

Chlorine Tablets 45lb
Price : $190

Price includes $25 UPS hazardous material handling fee. Shipping costs are in addition to the above price.

Due to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, this product must be shipped via UPS ground service.

Chlorine Tablets 45 lbs. EPA and State approved disinfection for your system.

Chlorine tablets provide fast, complete bacteria killing power and inhibit bacteria regrowth at the same time. Their convenience, efficiency and dependability is unsurpassed. Each easy-to-handle tablet is formulated from pure calcium hypochlorite and contain at least 70% available chlorine.

These solid 5 oz. tablets are still less hazardous to use than other forms of chlorine since there is no exposure to dangerous gases, liquids or powders. Chlorine tablets dissolve slowly, evenly and completely - they will not "wick" or dissolve prematurely.

Especially for the feeders used in septic systems and aerobic systems. They can be used in virtually all tablet chlorinators.

Now add up all the Benefits:

Fast and complete bacteria killing power
Convenient and easy to handle
Less hazardous to use than any other form of chlorine
No dangerous gases, liquids or powders
Less chemical required
Economical to use because they dissolve slowly, evenly and completely
High available chlorine - 70% per tablet
Can be used in virtually all tablet feeders
Controlled release of chlorine every time
Positive disinfection is assured

Providing Quality Service...Guaranteed In the Greater Austin Area of Travis, Hays, Williamson, Burnet, & Bastrop Counties, Westlake Hills, Jollyville, Manchaca, Dripping Springs, San Marcos, Driftwood, Jollyville, Leander, Weir, Misc Locations, Bell County.

Call (512) 338-1804 for fast, dependable service.

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