Septic System Service

Planned Service Agreements
Snowden Onsite Septic, Inc. (SOS) is able to offer a better approach to service that can improve
the cost of owning and operating your septic system, and protect your investment in some of the most expensive equipment in your home. We call it our Planned Service Agreement (PSA)

"An Ounce of Prevention..."

This may seem like an old idea, but for members of the SOS PSA program, it's a new way of saving all
year long that not only makes a big difference but it also really makes a whole lot of sense. Long
before your home or business septic system actually breaks down, it silently and unavoidably loses
efficiency requiring more energy and more money to handle your sewage. A recent study indicates
that septics cost much more to operate simply because the equipment isn't regularly maintained.
Equipment not regularly maintained is also moving closer each day to break-downs and unnecessary
repairs. It is sad but true that a majority of service calls can be prevented through proper
preventative maintenance.


With an SOS PSA, our professionals put your home or business septic system through our 15-Point
Preventive and Protective Maintenance. Your system immediately begins doing more work with less
energy operating at the design efficiency and with less wear on the equipment and reduced chance of
inconvenient and expensive break-downs. Having your equipment serviced on a regular basis has
many benefits for you:

Regular service lengthens the life of the equipment by keeping it in good working condition.
It maintains efficient operation which saves you energy dollars.
It will save you money by minimizing costs of needed repairs and reducing any major repair
It will establish you as a priority customer which you'll appreciate if you've ever needed your
septic to work and it won't.
It assures you of service by experienced and qualified technicians from an established factory
certified distributorship who will be there when you need them.
Regular service protects your warranty.

Planned Service Will Help Keep Your Home Safe.

Untreated sewage tracked into your home might be an invisible threat to your safety, but it is a threat
that is preventable. Sewage contains pathogens that can cause serious illness and in some cases
death. Though designed to be safe, poorly maintained septic systems put you, your family, your pets,
and your neighbors at risk
Prevention is the most important step to take to the dangers of septic failure. That's why it is
important to schedule frequent maintenance visits by a qualified technician to check to make sure
your system is operating properly and to be sure your safety is maintained.

Additional PSA Member Benefits

Should your system require additional service during the year, you will receive Priority Emergency
Service 7 A.M. - 5 P.M., Monday - Friday, with no overtime charges. Members also receive a 10%
discount on any needed parts and a 10% discount on any labor charges.
To participate in all the advantages of the SOS Planned Service Agreement, or for answers to any
question you may have, just contact our friendly customer service coordinators at 512-338-1804.
15 Point Planned Service Agreements
Fifteen Point Aerobic Service
(Recommended at least four times, preferably 12 times, per year)
Check Aerator or Compressor Operation.
Clean inlet devices and filters, where applicable,
Check diffusers as needed.
Inspect tees and baffles for Defects.
Check and Adjust all Controls.
Clean and Check Pump Controls.
Check Air Pressure.
Check Pump Control Center.
Check Distribution Pipe and Venting.
Check Aeration Operations.
Clean Filter or Aspirator
Check for Air Leaks at Compressor.
Clean, or Replace and Dispose of Filters.
Check Electrical Connections.
Check Air Volume/Pressure.
Check Operating Voltage.

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