Septic Tanks Installation

In general, homeowners are not advised of their options and the pros and cons of each. They are not told about the trade-off of lower up-front costs for higher ongoing costs.

They are not told of the unfortunate reality that most service people are unable to maintain a more complex or merely less common system.

As a result, we should not be surprised that homeowners are increasingly dissatisfied. They rightfully feel that all of us in the industry are responsible for telling them about their options, the pros and cons of the options, and their own responsibilities.

All these issues can be easily addressed, and they should be addressed on the very next system you design, permit, install, or license. These items, handled properly dramatically improve homeowner satisfaction.

We have had more than seven years to learn to operate under the new rules, so there is really no excuse for failing to provide homeowners with answers to at least these basic concerns. By involving the homeowner, several good things happen.

Obviously, we will have fewer complaints. Perhaps less obviously, we will have more secure, more profitable businesses, and more enjoyable jobs.


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