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Your septic system is an investment in and an improvement of your property. With a little knowledge and preventive maintenance it will last you many years. Your septic system is exactly like the large plants that major cities use to treat millions of gallons of wastewater. It is a mini sewage treatment facility.

The following procedures should be performed on a routine basis to insure proper wastewater treatment plant operation and ensure a trouble free system:

DAILY: Check the warning light and audible alarm located on the plants control panel. If an alarm condition is observed, it is an indication of malfunction. The warning system means one of or two things, there is an air supply malfunction or the systems high water alarm is activated. Check the air compressor to make sure it is running. Check for over heating, excessive vibrations and unusual noises. If air compressor failure is observed, call your local service provider for service. If the air compressor is running you should check the pump tank for high water, and then contact your local service provider.

WEEKLY: Check the treatment plant for offensive odor. If there is an odor present call your local service provider. This odor is an indication that the systems bacteria are not within normal levels and need to be checked.

PERIODICALLY: Check and clean the air filter on the air compressor.Rinse with warm water to clean if necessary. Make sure the filter is dry and re-install on the air compressor.

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